Dog Proof Trash Cans

Dog Proof Kitchen – What Responsible Pet Owners and Housekeepers Do

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A dog proof kitchen is all you need for a happy and organized home. You need not shoo your dog out of the house just to keep him from digging up the trash. All you have to do is learn how to strategically place the right stuffs in their proper places and out of their reach. A dog proof kitchen for instance is where the dog could not access any items or stuffs that they would litter around the house. The trash can for instance, must be in an elevated place or simply where they cannot reach it. This is the most inexpensive and surefire solution for your problem with dogs and trash. You can use numerous areas or features of your kitchen for strategic placement of trash bins. Have an attached garage, pantry, or closet installed where you can securely place the garbage can. Your dog proof kitchen may have all these additional areas if you have the resources for the add-ons.

The Truth about a Dog Proof Kitchen
dog proof kitchen Although this is a good alternative, new area installation could be costly and bothersome. You might find it inconvenient or not effective especially if someone forgets to shut the door. For budget-friendlier means, you can simply keep a small trash can that you can place on top of the counter or in an elevated area. This is a good idea for a dog proof kitchen without resorting to costlier renovation or kitchen makeover. There are contemporary cabinet systems that can also accommodate your trash can. You can put it inside the cabinet and utilize a slide out cabinet kit for convenient access. A dog proof kitchen with good cabinet system is something you need to go for. Sliding trash cans inside the cabinet is a remarkable solution. However for pooches that are sneaky and know how to open the cabinet, this is not the solution you are looking for. Nevertheless, a magnetic cabinet lock may also do the trick. Tot Locks and the likes are good cabinet accessories to invest on for a dog proof kitchen. One of the downsides of this alternative however is that animals may scratch at the surface of your cabinet. You can still remedy the problem through coating the cabinet doors to become scratch resistant.

If you think that you have already exhausted your options, your last resort is to invest on a dog proof trash can. This item is one of the stuffs you need for a dog proof kitchen. Specialized trash bins are made with durable and heavy materials to avoid tipping over. Most of these products are also designed with airtight lids that only open with step systems. This will ensure that all the contents of your garbage can stay intact no matter where the bin tips over. High quality trash cans are made from durable stainless steel or galvanized steel materials. the body of the bin withstands scratches and bites. Learn more about a dog proof kitchen today at Pooch Proof!